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Curriculum Vitae
Personal Data:
Surname Kollamparampil
Name Thomas
Date of Birth 12 January 1952
Postal Address Dharmaram College, Bangalore 560029, India
Email Address

Bachelor of Philosophy 1972-1974
Dharmaram College, Bangalore
Bachelor of Theology 1977-1980
Dharmaram Pontifical Institute, Bangalore
Bachelor of Arts 1974-1977
Bangalore University, Karnataka, India)
M.St. (Syriac Language and Literature) 1992
University of Oxford, U.K.
L.Th. (Patrology 1986-1988
Augustinianum, Rome)
Diploma in Patristics 1988-1989
Augustinianum, Rome
Th.D. (Patrology) 1993-1997
Augustinianum, Rome; Doctoral Dissertation: Select aspects of the Economy of Salvation in Christ according to Jacob of Serugh, 1997

Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (1989-1990; 1997 onwards)

Subjects Taught:
1. Patristic Theology
2. Ancient Church History
3. Fundamentals of Eastern Theology
4. Introduction to Theology
5. Eastern Christian Spirituality
6. Sacraments in General
7. Eucharistic Theology of the Syriac Fathers
8. Eastern Theology (Post graduate programme)
9. Theological Trends in the Fathers of the Church (Post graduate programme)
10. Syriac Language I & II (Graduate and Post graduate levels)

Books Authored:
1. Select aspects of the Economy of Salvation in Christ according to Jacob of Serugh, Rome 1997.
2. Jacob of Serugh: Select Festal Homilies (Translations from Syriac), Rome & Bangalore, 1997.
3. Salvation in Christ according to Jacob of Serugh, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2001.

Books Edited:
Christian Leadership and Integration, Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Dr. Thomas Aykara, CMI, Thomas Kollamparampil (ed.), Dharmaram Publications, 2007.
1. “Aspects of the Economy of Salvation according to Jacob of Serugh” I & II, Tanima, 6 (1998), 23-53; Tanima 7 (1998), 77-106.
2. “The Cross of Christ and Christian Life” in The Folly of the Cross, ed. Paulachan Kochappilly, Bangalore 2000, 31-47.
3. “Eucharistic Life in the Syriac Tradition,” The Harp Vol. XXI (2006), 251-261, Festschrift in honour of Fr. Emmanuel Thelly, CM, published by SEERI, Kottayam; also in Journal of St. Thomas Christians Vol. 17,1(2006), 34-43.
4. “Syriac Portraits of Christian Salvation” in East Syriac Theology: An Introduction, ed. Pauly Maniyattu, Satna: Ephrem’s Publications, 2007, 179-225.
5. “Paradise-Church and the Kingdom in St. Ephrem’s Hymns on Paradise VI,” The Harp Vol. XX (2006), 111-119, Festschrift in honour of Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil, published by SEERI, Kottayam.

Current Research Interests:
Eastern Theology

Visiting Scholar at Institutes:
• Samanvaya Mission Theologate, Bhopal/Jagdalpur (1997 onwards)
• Vidya Deep College (CRI Institute), Bangalore 560042
• JDV, Pune
• Jyothi Sadan, Franciscan Brothers’ Institute, Bangalore
• Kristu Mohavidyalayo, (Regional Major Seminary), Sambalpur, Orissa
• Benedictine Monastery, Kubalgode, Bangalore
• Benedictine Monastery, Kappadu, Kottayam, Kerala

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