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Curriculum Vitae
Personal Data:
Surname Perumpallikunnel
Names Kurian Chandy
Date of birth 27 May 1959
Postal Address Dharmaram College, Bangalore, 560029
Karnataka, India
Email address

Bachelor’s in Philosophy 1979-1981
(DVK, Bangalore, India)
Bachelor’s in Science (Zoology) 1981-1984
(University of Calicut, India)
Bachelor’s in Theology 1985-1988
(DVK, Bangalore, India)
Bachelor’s in Education 1988-1989
(MG University, Kottayam, India)
Licentiate in Spirituality 1995-1997
(Teresianum, Rome)
Doctorate 1997-1999
(Teresianum, Rome: “The Mysticism of St. John of the Cross)

Teacher (St. Thomas High School, Gujarat, India) 1989-1992
Parish Priest (Cathedral, Diocese of Vanimo, Papua N. Guinea)1992-1995
Asst. Director (Vidyavachan: Centre for Inter-Religious and
Inter-Scriptural Studies – Bangalore) 1999-2000
Director (Thapovanam - International Centre for R&D in
Mysticism - Tamil Nadu, India) 2000-2003
Professor of Spirituality and Theology (St John Vianney Seminary
Pretoria, South Africa) 2003-2005
Dean of Studies and Professor of Spirituality
(St Peters Seminary Pretoria, South Africa) 2003-2007
Program Coordinator, (Anugraha Renewal Centre,
Vazhoor, Kerala) 2007-2008
Editorial board, Vachanam Balivediyil (Anugraha Renewal Centre,
Vazhoor, Kerala) 2004-2008
Chief Editor (Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology,
Bangalore, India) 2009-2009
Chief Editor (Vinayasadhana, Journal of Psycho-Spiritual
Formation, Bangalore, India) 2009-
Parish Priest (St Sebastian Church, Anepalaya,
Bangalore 30, India) 2009-

Subjects Taught:
1. Theology of Spirituality
2. Theology of Eucharist
3. Eschatology
4. Spirituality of world Religions
5. African spirituality
6. Spirituality of Religious Orders
7. Carmelite Mysticism

1. Nada: The “Kenotic Path” to God according to St. John of the Cross, Rome: Teresianum, 1999.
2. Ascent to Nothingness, London: St. Pauls, 2000.
3. Folly of the Cross, Co-author, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2001.

1. “The Kenotic Spirituality of St. John of the Cross and the Oriental Mysticism,” Christian Orient 21, 3 (September 2000), 127-148.
2. “Cross and Crown,” in Folly of the Cross, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2001.
3. “Crossing the Threshold of Reason’,” Journal of Dharma 30, 4 (October-December 2005), 445-471.
4. “The Nada Spirituality of John of the Cross and its Efficacy in Shaping a Better World,” Third Millennium 8, 4 (2005), 79-99.
5. “Mysticism: The Matrix to Transcend ‘Brain Mind, and Soul’,” Journal of Dharma 33, 1 (January-March 2008), 57-72.
6. “Love Life of Saint Alphonsa,” Asian Horizons 2, 2 (December 2008), 49-64.
7. “Spirituality of Sex,” Journal of Dharma 34, 1 (January-March 2009), 37-68.
8. "Woman" (Editorial), Asian Horizons 3, 1 (June 2009), 1-2.
9. “Father Placid Podipara: Portrait of an Unsung Hero,” Journal of St. Thomas Christians 20, 2 (April-June 2009), 21-54.
10. “Mystical Experience: Fount and Raison D’ĂȘtre of Sannyasa,” New Horizons of Indian Christian Living, ed. Saju Chackalackal, 663-684, Bengaluru: Vidyavanam Publications, 2009.
11. “Vinayasadhana: Window to New Vistas of Formation" (Editorial), Vinayasadhana 1, 1 (January 2010), 3-8.
12. “Graduate to Spirituality from Religion and Secularism,” Journal of Dharma 35, 2 (July-September 2009), 00-00. ???

Current Research Interests:
1. Bio-chemistry of Love
2. Jesus: The Son of Man - a revised human version of his life and teachings
3. A Critique of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
4. Sex and Sanctity - Redressing the Crimes against Human Sexuality
5. The Slaves and the Masters - A blueprint towards Wholeness and Freedom
6. Proudly Female - Historical and Physiological perspectives of womanhood
7. The Legacy of Carmelite Spirituality - a manual
8. Current Trends in Mysticism

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